Festive Pasty Launches on Sunday 3rd December

Festive Pasty Launches on Sunday 3rd December

Our Festive Pasty will arrive in stores on 3rd December; however, we firstly want to clear something up. Whilst every country has it’s own variation: Empanadas in Spain, Curry Puffs in South East Asia and Pirog in Ukraine, we class our range of savoury filled snacks as Pasties (not Bakes!) 

Our customers and staff have lots of different names for our products; especially the Traditional Pasty. Some people call it a humpback pasty, or a dinosaur pasty – but we always know what they mean. But our pasties are pasties – definitely not bakes!

The Festive Pasty is extremely popular and customers have already been asking about it’s return. It includes chicken breast pieces, sage & onion stuffing and sweet cure bacon smothered in a rich, creamy sage & cranberry sauce, finished with a crumbed topping. YUM!

The full Christmas range at Poundbakery includes:

  • Jumbo Festive Pasty £1.60, 2 for £2.50
  • Mince Pies 4pk £1.50
  • Ginger Rudolph £1 each
  • Christmas Tree Treat £1 each
  • Festive Fairy Cakes 4pk £2

Click here to see a video of a spectacular light show in Liverpool, for the launch of the Festive Pasty

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