Easter starts Monday 26th February

Easter starts Monday 26th February

The Weather has been rainy and grey for so long, we've almost forgotten what the Sun looks like. However, never fear, Poundbakery have the answer to better Weather - fill the shop with bright coloured cakes and the Sun will brighten up too!

Ok, so it's a tad optimistic (some may say deluded!) but we have to hope that better, brighter Weather is just around the corner...and if it isn't, well at least you can pick up a delicious and colourful treat to make you feel better!

Easter Treats will be in all stores from Monday 26th February and are a bargain price too:

  • Easter Fairy Cakes 4pk £2
  • Chocolate Ginger Eggs 2pk £2

 And of course we have Hot Cross Buns 4pk £1.50 which are available in all stores NOW


Finally, we also have 2 x NEW limited edition items for you to try:

  • NEW Jumbo Chicken Tikka Pasty £1.60 each, or 2 for £3 
  • Breakfast Panini (Sausage, Egg & Cheese on a Toasted Panini) £2.50 - add a hot drink for 50p extra!
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