Euros 2024: Ginger Footballer & Vindaloo Chicken Pasty

Euros 2024: Ginger Footballer & Vindaloo Chicken Pasty

The Euros are here and Poundbakery have launched 2 x new products to celebrate. Starting with a Ginger Footballer, affectionally nicknamed Scholes by staff - after the most famous ginger England player Paul Scholes! 

*excludes Welsh shops


Area Manager Anthony “Ginge” Coburn said “We've only just launched the Ginger Footballer and he’s already got a nickname “Scholes”. We love gingers at Poundbakery—I’m ginger, our mascot Mr Tasty is ginger and our logo is orange, so it’s all very on brand!”


Poundbakery are also launching a Jumbo Chicken Vindaloo Pasty, which promises a very spicy eat indeed – this Pasty is one to make Fat Les proud. The curry flavoured pasty will be in all shops from Wednesday 19th June. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!


Whilst we can’t promise a Victory for England, we can promise delicious treats this Euros campaign.


  • Ginger Footballer £1 each
  • Jumbo Chicken Vindaloo Pasty £1.70, 2 for £3.20




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